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Reinforcement Leafs

Modern vehicles are designed to be as lightweight as possible in order to be as efficient as possible resulting in components not always being as strong & durable as road and usage conditions require.

Experience has shown that ‘lightweight’ suspension systems on load carrying vehicles is an area where ‘as light as possible’ isn’t necessarily the correct philosophy many operators require longevity & reliability.

The ‘potholed & rutted’ roads of the UK & Ireland place huge demands on the suspension components of light commercial vehicles and can cause premature wear on ‘lightweight’ leaf spring suspension systems in many instances ‘real world’ usage requires something ‘stronger’ to help reduce the possibility of needing to replace prematurely weakened or broken leaf springs.

For this purpose Granning Group have developed leaf spring ‘reinforcement’ kits suitable for popular light commercial vehicles as listed below.

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Reinforcement Leafs