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Industrial Airsprings

Airsprings are used for many industrial applications from operating machinery; conveyors to lifting heavy weights actuating the moving parts of machines to enable them to perform their tasks.

They are also used to isolate or dampen vibrations including low frequency vibrations.  They come in many sizes to suit the mass carried operating height stroke and isolation required.

They can be used to dampen vibrations of moving machinery into the mountings and surroundings and also to protect delicate products and equipment from vibrations from their mountings or environmental surroundings.

Larger airsprings are used in rail applications to suspend rail carriages or tram cars onto their bogies giving superior passenger comfort and ride qualities over other forms of suspension isolating the cars and their contents from the vibrations produced from the rail/wheel interface.

Airspring suspension for this type of application also offers a constant running height above the rails and is durable and long lasting.

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Industrial Airsprings