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Industrial Airsprings

Airsprings are used for many industrial applications from operating machinery; conveyors to lifting heavy weights actuating the moving parts of machines to enable them to perform their tasks.

They are also used to isolate or dampen vibrations including low frequency vibrations.  They come in many sizes to suit the mass carried operating height stroke and isolation required.

They can be used to dampen vibrations of moving machinery into the mountings and surroundings and also to protect delicate products and equipment from vibrations from their mountings or environmental surroundings.

Larger airsprings are used in rail applications to suspend rail carriages or tram cars onto their bogies giving superior passenger comfort and ride qualities over other forms of suspension isolating the cars and their contents from the vibrations produced from the rail/wheel interface.

Airspring suspension for this type of application also offers a constant running height above the rails and is durable and long lasting.

Here is the list of Industrial Airsprings available from Granning in Firestone Brand. Please contact our sales team for more info & pricing.

W01-139-0201W011390201201C AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0010W01358001016B AIRSPRING BELLOWS ONLY
W01-358-0030W013580030268C B.RING ASSY
W01-358-0048W013580048267CZ1.5 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0100W013580100110B AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0110W013580110110B 2BN 1/4NPTCTR BR ALUM CAST
W01-358-0116W013580116116B1 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0118W013580118115B AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0119W013580119119B AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0127W013580127131B B.RING ASSEMBLY
W01-358-0131W013580131131 AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0133W013580133116B AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0134W01358013419B AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0135W013580135113B AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0140W01358014021D2 AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0142W01358014226C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0144W01358014419B.75 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0150W013580150113B1 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0205W013580205203C AIRSPRING BELLOWS-OBS
W01-358-0213W01358021321C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0226W01358022622D AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0259W01358025922D1.5 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0297W01358029720F AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0305W01358030520F2 AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0324W013580324324C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0429W0135804291X29 AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0511W01358051116B 2BN 1/2NPT 2BN
W01-358-0738W0135807381T15M0 W/2BN1/4OFF TK VALVE STD ALONE
W01-358-0811W01358081126CH AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0812W01358081222CH AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0814W013580814115BH AIRSPRING BELLOW HERCLOR
W01-358-0815W01358081520CTH AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0821W013580821113BH AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-0980W01358098019BH AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0981W01358098128CH AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-0987W013580987320C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-1002W013581002328C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-1021W013581021148-1 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-1022W013581022248-2 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-1023W013581023348-3 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-1026W013581026126B AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-1117W0135811171X117A1 AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-2132W0135821321T19L11 RB 4X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFF PBW
W01-358-3400W013583400224C 2BN 1/4NPT CTR 2BN
W01-358-3403W013583403224C 2BN 3/4NPT CTR 2BN
W01-358-3524W0135835241X5 AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-5101W013585101224C AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-5126W013585126200C AIRSPRING BELLOW
W01-358-5310W0135853101T14C1 2BN 1/4OFF PST
W01-358-5311W0135853111T14C1 RB 2BN1/4OFF PST
W01-358-5323W0135853231T14C1 RB 3/4CF 1/2ST PST
W01-358-5405W0135854051T14C3 S9346
W01-358-5406W0135854061T14C3 3/4CF 1/2ST PST
W01-358-5426W0135854261T14C7 RB 3/4CF 1/2ST PST STUD NUT
W01-358-5429W0135854291T14C8 RB 2X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFFSET STD PST
W01-358-5511W0135855111T19L12 CB 3/4CF1/2ST PBW
W01-358-5708W0135857081T14C7 2X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFF PST
W01-358-5712W0135857121T14C7 2X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFF PST
W01-358-5716W0135857161T14C7 2X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFF PBW
W01-358-5900W01358590020F2 2X3/8BN 1/4NPT 1.18CTRHOLE
W01-358-6215W013586215267CZ1.5 3/4CF 2BN
W01-358-6711W013586711224C 4X3/8BN 3/4NPT CTR SPL TOLERANCE
W01-358-6800W01358680021D2 4BN 1/4NPT OFFSET
W01-358-6801W01358680121CT2 RB 4BN 1/4OFF SGH
W01-358-6810W013586810233D2 4X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFF
W01-358-6811W013586811233D2 4X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFF
W01-358-6819W013586819233D2 RB 4X3/8BN 3/4NPT 4X3/8BN
W01-358-6833W013586833267CZ1.5 B.RING ASSY
W01-358-6896W01358689619B.75 B.RING BNW
W01-358-6900W01358690020CT 2BN 3/4NPTOFF
W01-358-6901W01358690120CT RB 2BN 2BN 3/4OFF
W01-358-6910W01358691020CT 2BN 1/4OFF CRCVR
W01-358-6923W01358692320CT B.RING 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-6928W01358692820CT 4ST .69 OFFSET
W01-358-6947W01358694720F2 RB 2BN1/4OFF 2BN
W01-358-6951W01358695120F2 2BN 1/4NPT
W01-358-6952W01358695220F2 2BN 3/4NPT
W01-358-6955W013586955267CZ1.5 2BN 1/4NPT CTR
W01-358-6956W013586956267CZ1.5 2BN 3/4NPT CTR
W01-358-6992W01358699219B B.RING 1 5/8 BNW
W01-358-6996W01358699616B 2BN 3/4NPT
W01-358-6998W01358699816BH 2BN 1/4CTR 2BN
W01-358-7001W01358700116B 2BN 1/4NPT CTR
W01-358-7002W01358700216B 2BN 1/4NPT
W01-358-7008W01358700819B 2BN 1/4NPT OFF
W01-358-7009W01358700919B RB 1/4OFF2BN 2BN
W01-358-7011W01358701119B 2BN 3/4NPTOFF 2BN
W01-358-7012W01358701219B RB 2BN3/4OFF 2BN
W01-358-7019W013587019333C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7022W01358702219B B.RING 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7023W01358702319B B.RING CTRSUNK 1 5/8 BNW
W01-358-7025W013587025268C 2BN 1/4NPT CTRD
W01-358-7036W013587036268CH 1/4NPTCTR 2BN 2BN
W01-358-7040W01358704019B.75 2X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFFSET
W01-358-7042W01358704219B.75 3/4NPT BN
W01-358-7045W01358704519BH 2BN 1/4NPTOFF 2BN
W01-358-7047W013587047268C 3/4NPT CTRD 2BN
W01-358-7049W01358704922CH B.RING 1 5/8 BNW
W01-358-7054W013587054268CH 1/4CTR 2BN BOTH ENDS
W01-358-7061W01358706120CTH 2BN 3/4OFFSET 2BN
W01-358-7062W01358706220CTH 2BN1/4OFF 2BN
W01-358-7091W013587091113B1 8X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFFSET
W01-358-7092W013587092113B1 8X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFF W/BMP STD
W01-358-7094W013587094113B1 RB 4X3/8BN 3/4OFF W/BMP ST
W01-358-7101W013587101113B 8X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFFSET
W01-358-7103W013587103113B 8X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFFSET
W01-358-7109W013587109113B RB 8X3/4BN 3/4NPT W/BMP STD
W01-358-7110W013587110113B B.RING 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7119W01358711920CT 2X3/8BN 3/4NPT (HSC)
W01-358-7139W01358713921C B.RING 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7143W01358714321C 3/4NPTOFF 4BN 4BN
W01-358-7145W01358714521C 4BN 1/4NPTOFF
W01-358-7146W01358714621C RB 4BN1/4OFF 4BN
W01-358-7155W01358715521BH 1/4NPTOFFSET 4BN 4BN GH
W01-358-7168W01358716822CH ASSYBN 1/4
W01-358-7180W01358718022D 2BN 1/4 NPT
W01-358-7184W01358718422D 2BN 3/4OFF 2BN
W01-358-7185W01358718522D RB 2BN 3/4NPT OFF
W01-358-7188W01358718822CH RB 2BN3/4OFF 2BN
W01-358-7189W01358718922CH 3/4OFF2BN,2BN
W01-358-7191W01358719128C B.RING 1 7/8BN&W
W01-358-7194W01358719428C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7195W01358719528CH B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7203W01358720329C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7205W01358720529C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7224W013587224205C 4BN 3/4NPTOFF
W01-358-7227W013587227203C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7230W013587230215C B.RING HSC 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7231W013587231215C B.RING ALUM 2 1/8 BNW
W01-358-7237W013587237205C B.RING 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7244W013587244201C B.RING ALUM 3/8 BNW
W01-358-7250W013587250210C 2BN 3/4NPT OFFSET 2BN
W01-358-7258W013587258210C B.RING 1 3/4 HSC
W01-358-7271W01358727128C 4BN ROLLED ASSY
W01-358-7272W013587272121B ROLLBP 3/4NPT 4BN
W01-358-7273W013587273203C ROLLED 4BN3/4NPT
W01-358-7274W013587274323C 4BN 3/4NPT ROLL PB
W01-358-7275W01358727529C 4BN 3/4OFF 4BN W/RBS CLAMP RNG
W01-358-7276W013587276320C BN ROLLED BP ASSY
W01-358-7283W01358728326C 2X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFF
W01-358-7286W013587286312C 4BN 3/4OFF
W01-358-7298W01358729829CH B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7301W013587301215C B.RING HSC 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7304W013587304321C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7306W013587306321C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7324W013587324320C ALBR 17/8BT,N,W
W01-358-7325W01358732526C 2BN 1/4NPT
W01-358-7327W01358732726C 2BN 3/4NPT CTR 2BN
W01-358-7333W01358733326C B.RING CTRSUNK 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7335W01358733526CH B.RING CTRSUNK 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7336W01358733626CH 2BN 1/4NPT 2BN
W01-358-7400W01358740022D RB 2BN1/4OFF
W01-358-7424W01358742422D 2ST1/4NPT 2ST
W01-358-7427W01358742722C B.RING 1 1/8 BNW NEOPRENE
W01-358-7431W01358743122D B.RING 1 5/8 BNW
W01-358-7442W01358744222D1.5 2X3/8BN 3/4NPT   OFFSET 2BN
W01-358-7443W01358744322D1.5 2BN 1/4CTRD
W01-358-7444W01358744422D1.5 2BN 1/4OFF 2BN RBST
W01-358-7451W013587451110B 2BN 1/4NPT 2BN
W01-358-7459W013587459115B RB 2X3/8BN1/4NPT OFF
W01-358-7460W013587460115B 2X3/8BN 1/4NPTOFF (18-63054-000)
W01-358-7462W013587462150B RB 2BN 1/4NPT
W01-358-7463W013587463115B B.RING 1 5/8 BOLTS
W01-358-7465W013587465115B 2X3/8BN 3/4NPT 2BN
W01-358-7469W013587469115B B.RING 1 5/8 BNW
W01-358-7471W013587471110BH 4X3/8BN 1/4NPT
W01-358-7472W013587472228CT1.5 3/4CFBN 2BN
W01-358-7473W01358747322D1.5 RB 4X3/8BN 1/4NPT & BMPSTD
W01-358-7477W013587477119B 4BN 1" AIRENT RBST
W01-358-7484W013587484110B 4X3/8BN 3/4NPT
W01-358-7515W013587515115B B.RING 1.63 & 1.5 BNW
W01-358-7551W013587551110B NEOP 2BN1/4CTR
W01-358-7558W013587558233-2 BEAD RING 1 17/8 BNW
W01-358-7561W013587561116B BN 3/4NPT
W01-358-7564W013587564116B 1/4NPT2BN 2BN
W01-358-7568W013587568116B CSBR 1 3/4BOLTS
W01-358-7572W013587572116BH 4X3/8BN 1/4NPT CTR
W01-358-7587W013587587115B B.RING 1.25 & 2.5 BNW
W01-358-7592W013587592160BY B.RING
W01-358-7598W013587598116B1 4X3/8BN 1/4NPT CTR (PARL ALIGN)
W01-358-7605W013587605116B1 3/4NPTCTR 2BN
W01-358-7640W013587640133B1 4BN 1/4OFF NEOP 39D
W01-358-7669W013587669143B B.RING 2 1/8 BNW
W01-358-7711W013587711200C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW NEOPRENE
W01-358-7715W01358771519B 2BN 1/4OFF BR BOLT CTSK 1 1/8 BLK NW
W01-358-7725W013587725125B 2BN 1/4NPT 2BN
W01-358-7726W013587726126B 8X1/2BN 3/4NPT W/CLAMP RING
W01-358-7727W013587727126B B.RING EVEN 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7728W013587728131B 2BN 1/4NPT CTRD
W01-358-7731W013587731131B 2BN 1/4CTR 2BN
W01-358-7732W013587732131BH 2BN1/4NPT,2BN
W01-358-7737W013587737138B1.5 B.RING 17/8 BNW
W01-358-7742W013587742131B 2BN 3/4NPT
W01-358-7747W013587747113BH1 4X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFF
W01-358-7751W013587751160BY 2BN 1/4NPTCTR 2BN
W01-358-7752W013587752160BY 2BN 3/4NPTCTR 2BN
W01-358-7761W013587761312C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7772W013587772200C B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7781W013587781233D2 RB 4X3/8BN 1/4OFF
W01-358-7789W01358778920F2 B.RING 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7798W013587798313C RB 4X3/8BN 1/4NPT OFF 4BN
W01-358-7801W013587801313C B.RING 1 3/4 BNW
W01-358-7802W013587802313C 4X3/8BN 3/4NPT OFFSET 4BN
W01-358-7808W013587808313C 4X3/8BN 1/4OFF 4BN
W01-358-7813W013587813211CH B.RING 1 7/8 BNW
W01-358-7815W01358781539D HSC BN 3/4
W01-358-7823W013587823323C BR 1 7/8 BLT,N,W
W01-358-7842W013587842333C 4BN 3/4NPT 4BN
W01-358-7845W013587845333C 4BN 1/4NPTOFF
W01-358-7902W01358790229C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7912W013587912215C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7915W013587915312C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7919W013587919321C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7921W013587921323C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7925W01358792528C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7926W013587926314C AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-7938W01358793838D AIRSPRING BELLOWS
W01-358-8006W01358800638D W/SUPPAD
W01-358-8007W01358800738D 3/4OFF 2BN SUP PAD 2BN
W01-358-8010W01358801038D RB BN 1/4NPT
W01-358-8013W01358801338D 1/4OFF2BNSUPPAD2BN-OBS
W01-358-8044W013588044352D 2BN 3/4NPT
W01-358-8045W01358804539C B.RING COUNTERSUNK
W01-358-8047W013588047352D 2BN 3/4NPTOFFSET
W01-358-8048W013588048352D 2BN 1/4NPTOFF
W01-358-8152W013588152128B 4BN 3/4NPT OFFSET
W01-358-8157W013588157153B2 4BN 3/4NPT OFF
W01-358-8158W013588158153B2 4BN 1/4NPT OFF
W01-358-8160W013588160128B1 4BN 3/4NPT HSC
W01-358-9017W0135890171T15LP3 3/4CF ST PBW
W01-358-9031W0135890311T15M0 RB BN1/4NPT
W01-358-9034W0135890341T15M0 BN3/4NPTOFF PST
W01-358-9036W0135890361T15M0 RB 3/4OFF2BN PST
W01-358-9049W0135890491T15LP3 RB 1/4OFF2BN PBW
W01-358-9051W0135890511T15LP3 3/4OFF2BN PBW
W01-358-9053W0135890531T15M2 RB 2BN1/4OFF PST
W01-358-9057W0135890571T15M4 RB 2BN1/4OFF PST
W01-358-9062W0135890621T15M4 3/4NPTOFFBN PST
W01-358-9089W0135890891T15M6 3/4OFF 2BN PST
W01-358-9096W0135890961T15M6 RB 2BN1/4NPT OFF   PST
W01-358-9106W0135891061T15M9 2BN3/4NPTOFFSET
W01-358-9108W0135891081T15M9 BN 1/4
W01-358-9149W0135891491T19L7 CB 4X3/8BN 1/4NPT PBW
W01-358-9153W0135891531T19L11 4BN3/4OFF PST NUT
W01-358-9155W0135891551T19L11 4BN1/4OFF PBW
W01-358-9156W0135891561T19L11 RB 4BN1/4OFF PBW
W01-358-9177W0135891771T19LB8 CB 4ST1/4NPT PBW
W01-358-9206W0135892061T19L5 4BN1/4OFF PBW
W01-358-9310W0135893101T26D7 1/4NPT1/2ST PST
W01-358-9313W0135893131T15M0 2STUD1/4NPT PBW
W01-358-9321W0135893211T15M11 RB3/4CF PBW
W01-358-9327W0135893271T26D7 2BN1/4NPTCTR PST
W01-358-9401W0135894011T15T1 2BN 3/4NPT OFF
W01-358-9402W0135894021T15T1 RB 2BN1/4NPTOFF PST
W01-358-9529W01358952921D2 4BN 3/4NPT OFFSET
W01-358-9601W013589601148-1 B.RING BNW
W01-358-9602W013589602248-2 B.RING 3/8 BNW
W01-358-9603W013589603348-3 B.RING BNW
W01-358-9817W0135898171T19GZ12 4BN 3/4OFF PNW
W01-358-9820W0135898201T19LE12 4BN 3/4OFF PBW
W01-358-9826W0135898261T19GZ12 4BN3/4OFF SA
W01-358-9892W0135898921T19L5 CB 4ST1/4 PST NUT
W01-653-7117W01653711720CT PART ONLY
W01-653-7124W01653712422C B.RING 1 1/8 BNW
W01-753-7020W01753702019B 1/4NPTOFF2BN 2BN
W01-813-7635W018137635159B B.RING 1 5/8 BNW
W01-963-9606W0196396061T15VM4 2003079
W01-A72-7518W01A727518116B 2BN 1/4NPT4BN TV
W01-M58-6008W01M58600819B 2XM8BN 1/4BSP OFF
W01-M58-6011W01M58601119B 2BN M8 3/4BSP
W01-M58-6040W01M58604019B.75 4XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6100W01M586100113B 8XM8BN 3/4BSP
W01-M58-6101W01M586101113B 4BN M8 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6105W01M586105267CZ1.5 2XM8BN 1/4BSP CTR
W01-M58-6109W01M586109233D2 4XM8BN 3/4BSP OFF
W01-M58-6112W01M58611221C 4M8BN 3/4BSP 4BN
W01-M58-6114W01M58611421C 4XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6128W01M586128352D 2XM8BN 3/4BSP
W01-M58-6140W01M58614016B 2XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6145W01M586145110B 1/4BSP 2BN M8
W01-M58-6155W01M586155131B 2XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6160W01M586160268C 2XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6165W01M586165116B 2XM8BN 3/4BSP
W01-M58-6166W01M586166116B 2XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6170W01M586170116B1 2XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6183W01M58618320F2 2XM8BN 1/4BSP OFFSET
W01-M58-6185W01M58618520CT 3/4BSP 2XM8BN
W01-M58-6187W01M58618720CT 2XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6188W01M58618820CT 1/4BSPBN M8 RB
W01-M58-6200W01M58620022D 3/4BSP BN M8
W01-M58-6270W01M5862701T15M2 2XM8BN 3/4BSP PST
W01-M58-6353W01M58635326C 2XM8BN 1/4BSP CTR
W01-M58-6372W01M58637219B RB 2XM8BN 3/4BSP
W01-M58-6374W01M586374115B 2XM8BN 3/4BSP
W01-M58-6375W01M586375115B 2XM8BN 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6378W01M58637821D2 4BN M8 3/4BSP
W01-M58-6381W01M58638122D 4XM8BN 1/4BSP OFF
W01-M58-6382W01M58638222D RB 2BN M8 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6387W01M58638726C 4XM8BN 3/4BSP CENTERED
W01-M58-6400W01M586400224C 2BN M8 1/4BSP
W01-M58-6696W01M58669626CH B.RING CTRSUNK M8 BNW
W01-M58-6975W01M58697519B B.RING M8 BNW
W01-M58-6984W01M586984321C W/BR &M10 BNW
W01-M58-6988W01M58698826C B.RING CTRSUNK MX X 1.0 BNW
W01-M58-6990W01M58699020CT B.RING M8 X 1.0 BNW
W01-M58-7524W01M58752422D B.RING M8X1.0 BNW
W01-M58-7530W01M587530312C B.RINGM10X1.5BNW
W01-M58-7531W01M58753128C B.RING M10X1.5 BNW
W01-M58-7710W01M587710233C B.RING M8 BNW SGH
W02-358-3000W0235830001M1A-0 MINI-STROKE ASSY
W02-358-3001W0235830011M1A-0 W/SPL CLAMP PLATE (5/8-11)
W02-358-3002W0235830022M1A-0 ASSY
W02-358-3003W0235830031M1A-1 PLASTIC ASSY
W02-358-3004W0235830042M1A-0 W/SPL CLP PLATE
W02-358-3005W0235830051M1A-0 W/S. STEEL RING, BRASS STUD
W02-358-3007W0235830071M1A-0 W/S.STEEL RING, COMP STUD
W02-358-3008W0235830082M2A 5/8ST 1/8NPT BN
W02-358-3023W0235830231M1A-0 3/8BN 1/8NPT
W02-358-3025W0235830252M1A-0 CRIMPED ASSEMBLY
W02-358-4003W02358400347MM SLEEVE ASSY YELLOW
W02-358-4004W02358400447MM SLEEVE ASSY
W02-358-7002W02358700270MM ASSY NEOPRENE S0012102114083S
W02-358-7010W02358701070MM ASSY ORANGE
W02-358-7014W02358701470MM ASSY NEOPRENE YELLOW
W02-358-7089W02358708970MM ASSY ALUMINUM ORANGE
W02-M58-3000W02M5830001M1A-0 METRIC .24 HOLE
W02-M58-3001W02M5830011M1A-0 METRIC/SPL PLTE
W02-M58-3002W02M5830022M1A-0 METRIC .24 HOLE
W02-M58-3006W02M5830061M1A-1 METRIC ASSY .24 HOLE
W02-M58-3019W02M5830192M2A METRIC M16ST M8BN
WA1-358-5674WA13585674ACTUATOR 70-P-13 MOLDED FITTING
WA1-358-5675WA13585675ACTUATOR 70-P-13 PRESS IN FITTING
WC1-103-3500WC11033500B.RING 28 SOLID
WC1-358-0009WC13580009TANK VALVE 1/4"
WC1-358-0336WC13580336BOLT RIBNECK LARGE 2.5"
WC1-358-0337WC13580337BOLT RIBNECK 3/8-24 X 2 1/8
WC1-358-0507WC13580507B.RING 20 CNTRSNK
WC1-358-3498WC13583498B.RING 28C ALUMINUM
WC1-358-3499WC13583499B.RING 215 RIBNECK EVEN
WC1-358-3500WC13583500B.RING 215 ALUMINUM SEG SPACER
WC1-358-3506WC13583506B.RING 29C ALUMINUM
WC1-358-3509WC13583509B.RING 203C ALUMINUM
WC1-358-3516WC13583516B.RING 16 ALUMINUM
WC1-358-3522WC13583522B.RING 22 CNTRSUNK
WC1-358-3618WC13583618BOLT RIBNECK 3/8-24 X 1.25
WC1-358-3619WC13583619BOLT RIBNECK 3/8-24 X 1.75
WC1-358-3620WC13583620BOLT RIBNECK 3/8-24 X 1 7/8
WC1-358-3621WC13583621BOLT CTSK 5/16-24 X 1 1/8
WC1-358-3622WC13583622BOLT CTSK 5/16-24 X 1 1/4
WC1-358-3625WC13583625BOLT CTSK 5/16-24 X 1 5/8
WC1-358-3626WC13583626BOLT CTSK 5/16-24 X 1 3/4
WC1-358-3703WC13583703HEX NUT 5/16
WC1-358-3714WC13583714NUT HEX 3/8"
WC1-358-3803WC13583803LOCKWASHER 5/16
WC1-358-3814WC13583814LOCKWASHER 3/8"
WC1-358-4121WC13584121B.RING 21 CNTRSNK
WC1-358-4126WC13584126B.RING 26 CTRSNK STEEL
WC1-M58-3630WC1M583630BOLT CTSK M8 X 1.0 X 38.1
WC1-M58-3635WC1M583635BOLT RIBNECK M10 45MM
WC1-M58-3638WC1M583638NUT M10 X 1.50 METRIC
WC1-M58-3639WC1M583639LOCKWASHER M10

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