January 2018

New to Range - Hammer Clutches

The Granning Group is proud to welcome the Hammer Clutch range to our ever increasing Truck Parts catalogue.

Hammer Clutch are made to the highest quality so you can be guaranteed peace of mind every time you fit a Hammer Clutch product.

View our extensive range and contact your local sales team for all queries.

  • 100% New Product Guaranteed
  • OE Specification Friction material as standard
  • No quibble 12 month unlimited mileage warranty
  • European ISO Quality Accreditation
  • Extensive up to date range
  • No Surcharges
  • PTO clutches to suit Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Renault and DAF.
  • These fit permanent drive PTO applications.

Clutch Kits

Granning Part NoApplicationSachs Ref.DiameterTypePlates
57303DAF LF453400 700 307362mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57304DAF LF553400 700 308395mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57305DAF CF3400 700 316395mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57306DAF CF75 85 XF1053400 700 361430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57307DAF LF55 (2007-on)3400 700 376395mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57308DAF CF75/85 XF105 (Semi Auto Gearbox)3400 700 467430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57203DAF CF75 CF85 XF95, ERF, FODEN3400 122 101430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57204HINO, MAN F2000 F90 M903400 122 201430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57256MAN L2000 M2000 TGL TGM3400 700 303362mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57309MAN TGA TGS TGX (2007-on) (Semi Auto Gearbox)3400 700 459430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57442MAN TGM L20003400 121 701395mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57205MERCEDES AXOR ACTROS3400 122 801430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57207MERCEDES ATEGO3400 127 701362mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57267MERCEDES AXOR ACTROS3400 700 446430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57310MERCEDES ACTROS3400 121 501400mmPull TypeTwin Plates
57447MERCEDES ATEGO3400 121 301395mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57469MERCEDES ATEGO3400 121 201395mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57311RENAULT KERAX PREMIUM3400 700 311400mmPull TypeTwin Plates
57312RENAULT KERAX PREMIUM3400 700 334430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57313RENAULT MIDLUM (2007-on)3400 700 439362mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57314RENAULT MIDLUM (-2006)3400 700 482362mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57323RENAULT PREMIUM, VOLVO FE FL3400 700 466395mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57200SCANIA 43400 122 001430mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57202SCANIA P G R T3400 700 352430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57318VOLVO FL63400 037 031380mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57221VOLVO FH FM FMX3400 700 359430mmPush TypeSingle Plate
57321VOLVO FH FM FMX3400 700 348380mmPull TypeTwin Plates
57322VOLVO FH FM3400 700 422400mmPull TypeTwin Plates
57213VOLVO FH FM (-2006)3400 700 343430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57324VOLVO FM3400 700 478430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57325VOLVO FH FM3400 700 342430mmPull TypeSingle Plate
57326VOLVO FL* 380mmPush TypeSingle Plate

Clutch Discs

Granning Part NoApplicationSachs Ref.Diameter
57302DAF, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT 1878 080 037430mm
57316SCANIA P R S T1878 003 065430mm
57317SCANIA 41878 003 066430mm
57319VOLVO FH FM (2001-2005)1878 000 634430mm
57320VOLVO FM4001878 003 868430mm

Release Bearings

Granning Part NoApplicationSachs Ref.
57300DAF CF XF (Manual Gearbox)3151 000 034
57301DAF CF XF (Semi Auto Gearbox)3151 000 493
57315SCANIA P R S T3151 000 151

Clutch Cylinders

Granning Part NoApplicationSachs Ref.
57201SCANIA P G R T3182 009 938

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